The Best Skip Bin Hire for Dirt, Soil & Clay Removal

Skip Hire for soil removal, Skip bin hire for soil and dirt.

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We Provide Skip Bin Hire for Dirt, Clay and Soil Removal in Sydney, Australia

Landscaping, construction, and renovations can leave you with an excessive amount of soil and clay to find a new home for. You can get creative by building up your garden beds or inviting friends over to take a bag to use in their garden. However, if you want to clear it away completely, the best way to clean it all up at once is to book a skip bin. When you hire a skip bin for soil removal, all you need to do is load the dirt into the skip. Once full, we will organise our driver to pick up the skip bin on the allocated date when the order was made.

What Can Go into Skip Bins Hired for Soil Removal?

The majority of the load must be clean “fill.” This is topsoil, sand, clay, or regular dirt. There might be small rocks or a small percentage of mulched greenery from the garden in the mix as well. If you have a significant amount of green waste (or large pieces), you may need to order one of our green waste removal skip bins. Separating the differing materials allows us to recycle waste efficiently and economically so it may be re-used. This is better for our environment and maximises local resources, thereby saving on costs at the other end for those in need.

Things that must not be mixed with clean fill are:

• Chemicals.
• Paint tins (with or without paint).
• Oil and petrol.
• Glyphosate (weed killers).
• Tyres,
• Gas tanks.

The contents of soil, clay, dirt and mulch skips are recycled into fertiliser and garden bed soil. It should not contain any heavy chemicals or heavy masonry. The heavy concrete, steel and demolition materials are collected and recycled separately(*1). Contact us today to discuss what waste you have and the best way to have it removed.

What happens to the Dirt After the Skip Bin is Collected?

Our skip bin drivers will transport your soil, rocks, dirt, and clay back to our processing depot, where it is dried and sorted. The excavator sifts through the soil, removing any larger objects. At the end of the process, we are left with clean, nutrient-rich soil.

Skip Hire for soil removal, Skip bin hire for soil and dirt. We Provide Skip Bin Hire for Dirt, Clay and Soil Removal in Sydney, Australia

Keeping Our Integrity

For years now, the Environmental Protection Agency here in New South Wales has struggled against the selling of tainted skip bin soil to unaware consumers. Some soil bins get filled with industrial waste (and even asbestos). Imagine having a bin full of soil delivered only to find it is toxic and unusable! It is critical for our environment (and our health) to separate clean soil and “soiled” soil that is unfit for recycling.

Here at Quick Skips (formerly Dial A Tip), we keep our integrity high and work with you to provide the most appropriate removal service for your specific waste type/s.

The EPA has a well-documented process, regulations, and guidelines(*2). The link is shared at the end of this article. To save time, you are always welcome to contact us directly for professional advice.

Skip Hire for soil removal, Skip bin hire for soil and dirt. Good for planting

How is Dirt and Soil Reused?

Professional and amateur landscapers are often looking for clean, fine soil to add to new gardens. Clean soil is also used for:

• Cricket pitches.
• Bowling greens.
• Raised street garden beds.
• Sports grounds.
• Level out lawns.

Lower grade soils can be used to fill expired septic tanks, old spa pools or as general landfill to change the contours of the landscape(*3).

Where Do I Get the Best Skip Bin Hire for Soil in Sydney?

Here at Quick Skips, we service the entire Sydney metropolitan area and are continuously increasing our services further north, west and south. You can either call us at your nearest branch or scroll down to the bottom of this page for an instant quote. If you cannot see your suburb listed, call us directly to hire your skip bin. Our database coverage is currently still being expanded.

We are here to provide great advice and an efficient booking service. In addition to delivering and collecting at our scheduled time, our team conducts themselves professionally and politely.



*1. Shekar, R. Use of Recycled Construction and Demolition Waste Materials in Soil Stabilization. Skyfi Education Labs. 2022.
*2 State of NSW and Environment Protection Authority. Guidelines on Resource Recovery Orders and Exemptions. 2017.
*3 Dore, J. Why Potting Soil Made from Recycled Waste is a Great Idea. GrowVeg. 2009

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    Hi, I require a 10 m3 skip bin for mostly soil and some gravel. It is clean soil. Please provide a price and length of time on site.

  2. Alexandra says:

    Please provide quote for removal of soil from 12 garden beds approximately 1m by 1.6m each filled with soil. Location is Sylvania, Sydney

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