Terms & Conditions

1. The Term of this contract will be for an initial period of Seven Days (7).
2. The fees and charges agreed to in this contract shall be fixed for a period of 1 week from the date of execution of the contract. At the conclusion of that period, Dial A Tip may adjust its prices during the term of the agreement for reasons like but not limited to disposal fee increases, increased operating costs and government charges.

3. Dial A Tip has the exclusive right to provide you with the equipment & service shown in this agreement at the stated premises during the term of this agreement.

4. The bins supplied by Dial A Tip shall remain the property of Dial A Tip at all times. The customer shall be responsible for the security of the bins and shall indemnify Dial A Tip for any damage or loss to or of the bins other than damage arising from normal wear and tear.

5. Whilst the bins remain under the control of the customer, the customer shall indemnify Dial A Tip in relation to any claims or law suits for damage, loss or other remedy by any persons arising from or relating to the bins however so caused.

6. The customer shall ensure good and clear access to the bins. Should access to the bins in any way be blocked on the scheduled service day and Dial A Tip be thereby prevented from servicing a bin, the customer shall still be required to pay a service charge of $220 inclusive of GST.

7. The customer expressly agrees not to place in any bin supplied by Dial A Tip any Hazardous, Liquid or Food Waste, Mattresses & Tyres without prior consent and applicable booking & disposal fees & charges being paid.

8. The customer agrees not to overfill or overload the bins. Should the bins be overfilled or overloaded, Dial A Tip may charge the customer an additional service fee.

9. Dial A Tip reserves the right to charge additional service fees for any contracted service that is limited by weight and exceeds the weight limit.

10. Unless otherwise agreed, payment terms are CASH, EFT, CHEQUE or CREDIT CARD on delivery. Approved account customers shall pay Dial A Tip for the service strictly within one month of invoice. Should Dial A Tip not receive payment within that time, interest shall apply at the current overdraft rate charged by NAB. in favor of Dial A Tip on so much of the fees and charges that remain outstanding from time to time.

11. Where the customer fails to pay for Dial A Tip service strictly within one month of invoice, Dial A Tip may, at its discretion, suspend the service until such payment and interest is paid in full.

12. Payment in full of all money outstanding must be made prior to the agreement being terminated. The equipment will not be removed until such payment is made, rental for the equipment may be charged if delays in payment of final account occur.

13. This contract is expressly deemed to have been entered at Minto in the State of New South Wales and shall be governed by the laws and practices of this State.

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