Hire Skip Bins for Concrete Waste Removal in Sydney – Sizes Start at 2m3

Skip Bin Hire for Concrete Sydney and 2m3 Concrete Skip.

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3 Reasons Why Skip Bins are Hired for Concrete Waste Disposal

Australia is a bustling country, with construction happening around the clock in major cities. As a country of DIYers, we also love renovation projects – particularly here in Sydney! So, what happens to our concrete waste? Homeowners often hire small 2m3 skip bins (equivalent to about three tonnes of material). Skip bins are delivered and collected at the homeowner’s preferred time, and they do not need to worry about dumping fees. The same goes for large commercial projects – which can easily collect eight tonnes of concrete waste (or more).

Is it worth collecting and recycling concrete from residential sites? Absolutely! Recycling concrete products benefits the environment, local jobs, and future landscaping and construction project budgets.

 Read on to learn more.

3 Reasons Why Skip Bins are Hired for Concrete Waste Disposal

There are three main reasons skip bins are hired for concrete waste disposal.

1. Convenience

Once the bins are booked, rubbish removal and recycling can be ticked off the project’s to-do list.

2. Price

The value of avoiding multiple unloading trailers of heavy concrete is in itself highly valuable. Skip bins are also well priced and eliminate worries about excess dumping fees and time lost transporting the waste to the dump. In addition to immediate costs, diverting concrete from landfills avoids rubbish taking up more land than necessary and saves ratepayers money.

3. Sustainability

Depending on the skip bin hire company chosen, the concrete products may be recycled into new products. Concrete has an incredibly long lifespan and can be recycled multiple times.

Hire Skip Bins for Concrete Waste Removal in Sydney

Did you Know? Concrete Trivia

• Concrete is one of the world’s oldest (and most common) building and construction materials(*1,2).

• The Pantheon in Rome, built in 125CE (around 1,900 years ago) is made from 100% concrete(*3,4)

• Depending on the type of concrete and the location (i.e., coast or inland), concrete can take between 50 and 2000 years to decompose naturally(*1,2).

Concrete Waste Removal and Recycling

Recycled Concrete interlocking blocks - Hire Skip Bins for Concrete Waste Removal in Sydney

After concrete skip bins are picked up, they are either taken directly to landfill (not ideal) or recycled into new products. Quick Skips (formerly known as Dial-A-Tip) in Sydney is one such company that recycles concrete materials. Things like concrete slabs, bricks, roof tiles and pavers are processed, screened, and crushed. The crushed materials are converted into products such as aggregate and concrete interlocking blocks.

Take a look at the mould used to make interlocking concrete blocks and see what the final product looks like in this video from Quick Skips in Sydney.

Skip Bin Sizes for Concrete Waste From 2m3

There is a variety of sizes of skip bins available for concrete waste. They start at 2m3 (about as wide as a 2-seater sofa) and go up to 20m3. Browse skip bin sizes or call 0433 958 977 for help choosing the best size to suit your project.

Hire a Skip Bin for Your Concrete Waste and Rubbish in Sydney

Recycled concrete can be broken down and re-used for construction, roads, walls, and landscaping. We are the professionals you can rely on to collect and remove your concrete efficiently and cleanly.

Contact Quick Skips (Dial-A-Tip) to book your skip bin hire.


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