Dangers of ordering the wrong sized marrel skip bin!

Skip Bin Hire Castle Hill, Orange Marrel Skip bin hire Hills District. Wrong sized skip bin

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What could possibly go wrong with a skip bin hired for delivery in Castle Hill?

In this article you will learn how everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for this skip bin provider from another company (thankfully not us) in Castle Hill. The entire saga inspired me to both write up and share photos as the entire scenario unfolded before me.

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Before sharing the story with you, I would like to share all the suburbs we service with our skip bins in the Hills District area of Sydney.

• Annangrove Skip Bin Hire
• Carlingford Skip Bin Hire
• Baulkham Hills Skip Bin Hire
• West Pennant Hills Skip Bins
• Beaumont Hills Skip Bins
• North Rocks Skip Bin Hire
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• Box Hill Skip Bin Hire
• Baulkham Hills Skip Bin Hire
• Carlingford Skip Bin Hire
• Winston Hills Skip Bin Hire
• Castle Hill Skip Bin Hire
• Norwest Skip Bin Hire

• Dural Skip Bin Hire
• Gables Skip Bin Hire
• Kellyville Skip Bin Hire
• Glenhaven Skip Bin Hire
• North Kellyville Skip Bin Hire
• Glenorie Skip Bin Hire
• Rouse Hill Skip Bin Hire
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• Kenthurst Skip Bin Hire
• Glenhaven Skip Bin Hire
• Leets Vale Skip Bin Hire
• Lower Portland Skip Bin Hire

• Cattai Skip Bin Hire
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• Maroota Skip Bin Hire
• Maraylya Skip Bin Hire
• Sackville North Skip Bin Hire
• Nelson Skip Bin Hire
• South Maroota Skip Bin Hire
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• North Kellyville Skip Bin Hire
• Norwest Skip Bin Hire
• Box Hill kip Bin Hire
• Wisemans Ferry Skip Bin Hire

The Hills District Map showing the geographic area we hire our skip bins.

While going on my daily morning walk, I watched an entire scenario unfold before my eyes (and only just before Christmas).

What could possibly go wrong with ordering the wrong sized skip bin? As it turns out, more than I ever imagined.

Skip Bin Hire Castle Hill, Orange Marrel Skip bin hire Hills District. wrong size

As you can see in the photo above, the skip bin driver was reversing his truck containing the two marrel skip bins. Unfortunately, reversing the truck with the extra height of two skip bins, the driver snapped the lower branches of this eucalyptus tree.

It was quite an eventful day to watch a skip bin driver delivering a large marrel skip bin! While reversing, I watched, completely powerless, as the tree was torn open with branches swinging back and forth. To make things worse, the loose, swinging branches got stuck on the overhead powerlines and then pulled the lines down.

The marrel bins were not the right size or type for this kind of location. Not only did these elderly ladies order the wrong skip bin, but they were also cross when it wasn’t placed exactly where they wanted.

This skip bin driver must not have been very experienced or perhaps they weren’t confident.

We make it a top priority to ensure both our booking staff and our drivers do their absolute best to ensure:

• The correct size and type of skip bin is booked.
• It can be safely dropped off and picked up without causing damage to anything.

Before you book, please contact us to ask any questions. We can work together to ensure everyone stays safe and there are no unfortunate events like this on the day of your skip bin delivery.

In this scenario, a hook skip bin would have been the perfect one to deliver onsite. Damage to the tree and power lines could have been avoided. A hook skip bin would have simply been raised to an angle. Then, the driver would have slid it off the truck and down safely onto the street.

When you are having a skip bin delivered under trees or power lines, it is best to avoid delivery systems that have to extend upwards to move the skip. This is why we have a range of skip types – and delivery options to suit just about every scenario.

Helpful Tip when hiring a skip bin:

When looking to order your next skip bin to be delivered to your home and placed on the street, please check:

* The trees growing on the verge.
* Where the power lines are.
* How low the branches and power lines are hanging.

Taking a moment to pause, think and assess your environment will help you choose the best skip bin for the job.

Skip Bin Hire Castle Hill, Orange Marrel Skip bin hire Hills District. Residential hook skip bin hire in Sydney

I left the scene to give the driver and the ladies space to resolve the situation.

Later that afternoon, I returned to the site to view the damage. Not only was the bottom branch completely snapped off by the skip bins and truck, but the branch above was also damaged and had fallen onto the electricity wires. These are highlighted in orange below.

Snapped branch leaning on electricty wires, damaged by skip bin truck

The photo below shows the very large orange marrel skip bin in front of the property. The orange circle is where the lower branch had snapped off during this poorly planned delivery.

Castle Hill Skip bin hire, wrong skip bin for garden waste. Hook skip bin preferred

The large marrel skip bin above is a 12 cubic metre marrel skip bin. It was 12m3 – 4.6 metres in length, 1.6 metres wide and 1.8 metres high, and made of solid steel.

Everything about this delivery seemed to be a disaster. As you can see below this large skip bin was only used for green waste (AKA lightweight fill)!

Large orange skip bin hired for green garden waste

A medium-sized hook skip bin (like the one below) would have well and truly served the same purpose, but without causing damage or safety risks.

Hook skip bin hire Sydney Hook Lift Skips Loader Bins Fairfield. What are Hook Skip Bins and how are they used

Safety tip when hiring a skip bin in the Hills District;

Always make sure you have the red and white hats placed on the street side of the skip bins hired. These help drivers see the skip at night and avoid scraping their cars against it.

So, the next day I decided to drive past and take a look at the orange marrel skip bin in Castle Hill. My timing was perfect as the Ausgrid truck with the cherry picker boom lift was there. It was raised high for the electrician in the aerial bucket to work on fixing and repositioning the wires.

By the time I drove around the block to take the following photo, the cherry picker was back down. However, the hydraulic lock anti-tipping system was still in place on the pavement.

Ausgrid truck with the cherry picker boom lift raised high fixing wires damaged by skip bin truck deivery

The photograph below was taken at the same time as the Ausgrid truck above. The electricity wires are now much higher and have been moved out of the way of the branches.

The yellow ladder is in place in the photo below as the Ausgrid contractor had yet to trim and tidy up the broken branch so the damage was not as noticeable.

Sydney electricity read to cut branch damaged by skip bin truck delivery

Last of all is the photo below of the Ausgrid contractor at the lady’s home working on the electricity box on the side of the house. All this saga because of one wrong-sized skip bin ordered for this site.

Ausgrid electrician checking power box

Are there other dangers I should be aware of when hiring a skip bin?

Skip bin hire can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. Some potential hazards associated with skip bin hire include:

• Falling: Skip bins can be quite tall, and there is a risk of falling if proper safety measures are not taken. This is particularly true for construction sites, where the skip bin may be placed on uneven ground.

• Overloading: Skip bins have a maximum weight capacity, and it is important not to exceed this limit. Overloading a skip bin can cause the bin to tip over or collapse, which can cause injury or damage to property.

• Fire hazards: Certain types of waste, such as combustible materials, can cause fires if not handled or disposed of properly. These risks are higher if the skip bin is overloaded and the materials inside become compacted.

• Hazardous materials: Hazardous materials such as chemicals, batteries and tires are not allowed to be thrown into skip bin, and must be disposed of separately. These materials can pose a risk to health and the environment if not handled properly.

• Heavy traffic: Because skip bins are often placed on the side of the road or in a public area, it is important to be aware of the traffic in the area. Heavy traffic and blind spots can make it difficult to see the bin and may lead to accidents.

To mitigate these hazards, it is important to ensure that skip bins are placed in a stable and secure location and not overloaded. Hazardous materials should not be placed in skip bins and should be handled separately. Additionally, it is important to be aware of traffic and take safety precautions when working around skip bins.

For more information, to ask questions and plan the safe delivery of your skip bin, contact the friendly professionals at Quick Skips – Formerly Dial-A-Tip on 0433 958 977 or send a message online.

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