Fairfield Skip Bin Hire Services for Spring Cleaning Your Home, Garage or Backyard in Sydney

Three cubic metre skip bin hire with rear door filled with rubbish small enough to fit on the verge Fairfield area Smithfield, Guildford

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We provide over 3000 of our skip bins for hire to Fairfield Council, Western Sydney.

The suburbs listed below are those in the Fairfield Council Area;

• Abbotsbury Skip Bin Hire
• Bonnyrigg Skip Bin Hire
• Bonnyrigg Heights Skip Bin Hire
• Bossley Park Skip Bin Hire
• Cabramatta Skip Bin Hire
• Cabramatta West Skip Bin Hire
• Canley Heights Skip Bin Hire
• Canley Vale Skip Bin Hire
• Carramar Skip Bin Hire

• Cecil Park Skip Bin Hire
• Edensor Park Skip Bin Hire
• Fairfield Skip Bin Hire
• Fairfield East Skip Bin Hire
• Fairfield Heights Skip Bin Hire
• Fairfield West Skip Bin Hire
• Greenfield Park Skip Bin Hire
• Horsley Park Skip Bin Hire
• Lansvale Skip Bin Hire

• Mt Pritchard Skip Bin Hire
• Old Guildford Skip Bin Hire
• Prairiewood Skip Bin Hire
• St Johns Park Skip Bin Hire
• Smithfield Skip Bin Hire
• Villawood Skip Bin Hire
• Wakeley Skip Bin Hire
• Wetherill Park Skip Bin Hire
• Yennora Skip Bin Hire

City of Fairfield Region map and only some of the suburbs shown

We are Sydney’s leading skip bin hire service, with over three thousand skips ready to hire out and drop off to customer.

Both the residents of Sydney and local wildlife are both very active now in spring. The warmer weather is perfect for spring cleaning and preparing your home for parties and BBQs leading into Christmas.

Driving and walking around the streets of Sydney, I see skip bins on just about every second block. They are either on the street in front of homes being renovated, on nature strips or in driveways.

All across Sydney, skip bins are being hired and used for the following:

• Home renovations.
• Kitchen and bathroom rebuilds.
• Ceiling removals for new ceiling and roof works after many months of rain.
• Stripping out home interiors to expand and update the spaces.
• Clearing out overgrown weeds and shrubs for fresh garden makeovers.
• Removing pools and old damaged decking to make way for new upgrades.

The list keeps growing.

Below we share what the latest skip bin hire drop-offs are being used for and why these builders have hired our skip bins.

Six cubic metre skip bin hire with rear door blue skip bin Fairfield area and Smithfield placed on street in front of property

First, a Fun Fact: Ever Wondered What Skip Bins are Made of?

Our skip bins are made of high quality, reinforced Australian steel(*1,2). Steel is robust and designed to sustain significant damage and wear and tear(*3). This means that you can toss almost anything into a skip bin and you won’t damage the bin. The fact that skip bins are made of solid steel makes them easy to load. Other rubbish collection containers, such as skip bags are often made of woven material which can be pierced, leak and be very challenging to move when full.

The practical design of skip bins and their sturdy and solid structure steel make them easy to lift and move by the hydraulic arms of a truck. They have huge weight capacities with many being able to carry literally tonnes of waste.

Skip bins are like Australians: They get banged around a bit but thanks to their durability, they bounce back with no worries. They will take on just about any challenge. Even with a kink or two, they’ll still show up Monday morning and work hard all week.

Why Hire a 6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin?

6 cubic metre skip bin hire with rear door blue skip bin Fairfield area and Smithfield
Medium sized 6 cubic metre skip bin hire with rear door blue skip bin Fairfield area and Smithfield placed on street in front of property

The photos above show a six cubic meter skip bin hired for this home reno.

Dimensions: 3.7m x 1.6m x 1.3m (unlimited weight)
These bins are perfect for home renovation work, including waste tiles, concrete, debris and more.

As the builder shared with me:

“We hired these skip bins as there is good clearance and they are easy to drop off by a skip bin truck. These skip bins do not have wheels on one side as hook skip bins do and, as a result, do not scratch the concrete on the road.”

We use orange traffic cones to secure the area and keep it free for the next skip bin truck to drop off the second skip bin, as you see here.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a 3 Cubic Metre Skip Bin?

Three cubic metre skip bin hire with rear door filled with rubbish placed on the verge Fairfield area
small 3 cubic metre skip bin hire with rear door filled with rubbish Fairfield area and Smithfield

Dimensions: 3.3m x 1.6m x 1m

These skip bins are perfect for garage cleanouts, general DIY, green waste and more. Because of their compact size, they can be delivered by a skip truck to any location in Sydney and can easily fit on the council strip in front of a property, as you see here.

Tip: Remember to check with your local council regarding permits for skip bins on nature strips.

How Long Can a Skip Bin be Hired in Sydney?

We have a standard hire period of seven days. If for any reason, you need the skip bin hire for a longer period, we can easily extend the hire period for you. Time extensions are typically charged at $44 per week. Give us a call to discuss this further.

Do You Offer a Same-Day Delivery Service of Skip Bins in Sydney?

 The answer is a resounding yes. We do same-day deliveries of skip bins. The best skip bins to hire for retail strip-outs are marrel or standard skip bins, as both have rear doors. Rears doors are beneficial as they allow you to wheelbarrow or manually load rubbish within the skip bin.

Weight is unlimited from 2 cubic meters up to 10 cubic meters.

Please call us for the best option.

Do I Need a Council Permit for My Skip Bin?

A permit from the council is required to be able to park a skip bin on the road in front of the home being renovated. You can be fined when placing a skip bin on council property without a permit. Council property includes the road, nature strip and footpaths.

You will need to download the attached pdf, fill it out, submit it to your local council to be approved, and then collect the permit that will allow for a skip bin to be dropped off on council property. Each council has its form to download and fill out.

Naturally, skip bins delivered and dropped off on private property do not require council permits.

Here are some helpful links for Western Sydney Council Permit Forms to download.

• Campbelltown Council Skip Bin Permit Link to Council website
• Liverpool Council Skip Bin Permit Form Pdf Link
• Fairfield Council Skip Bin Permit Form Pdf Link
• Parramatta Council Skip Bin Permit Link to Council Website
• Blacktown Council Skip Bin Permit Link to Council Website

Excellent Service – Best Prices – The Correct Skip Bin to Hire For You!

Whether you are demolishing, de-cluttering, or doing a backyard or garage clean-up, we will have the right-sized bin for you – at the right price.

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*2. J & S Metal Fabrication. Steel Waste & Skip Bin Manufacturer. 2022.
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