Construction Skip Bin Hire for Building Rubble and Materials

Construction Skip Bin Hire for Building Rubble and Materials, Crane-able Skip Bins for High-Rise and Multi-Storey Building Construction Sites

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Crane-able Skip Bins for High-Rise and Multi-Storey Building Construction Sites

Crane-able skip bins can be lifted onto multi-storey and high-rise construction sites. Unlike standard skip bins, crane-able skip bins have crane lugs that allow them to be safely and securely attached to an overhead crane. These skip bins are often hired to store building rubble waste and other construction materials. Having a skip on the same storey of the construction site saves time from manually loading rubble and waste and transporting it to the ground floor. They are heavy-duty skips and are easily removed from the site by a crane when they are full.

Why Choose Crane-able Skip Bins for Construction Sites?

Specialised Above-Ground Skip Bins with Rear Door

In the video below, you will see the crane-able skip bins that companies often hire for multi-storey construction sites.

• Simple and easy solution for construction waste management.
• The most common size is 8 cubic metres.
• Can hold up to 6 tonnes of waste.
• Has a rear door for easy access and loading of waste materials.
• Increases site efficiency.
• Reduces the risk of worker injury from manually moving rubble to the ground floor.
• Straightforward quoting and online booking process.

On-Site Crane Bins in Sydney

Take a Visit to the Quick Skips Wetherill Park Depot

The Quick Skips depot (formerly Dial-A-Tip) is always bustling with activity. The crane-able skip bins you can see stacked together in the video above are 8 cubic metres. If you are interested in hiring a crane skip bin or learning more please contact us. You can also fill in our instant quote form at the bottom of this page.

Waste Management in High Rise Building Construction

Managing waste is a major priority in the construction industry. This is particularly so in high-rise buildings where waste is harder to manage and dispose of. The easiest way to have waste removed from the site is via a crane-able skip bin. To ensure the waste does not contribute to landfill, it is important to ensure the materials are recycled at our depot.

Why is Resource Recovery on Construction Sites A Priority?

Construction Skip Bin Hire for Building Rubble and Materials, Crane-able Skip Bins for High-Rise

Of all the solid waste sent to landfills globally (including Australia), 13 to 50% of this waste is from construction and demolition(C & D)(*1,2).

Considering C&D waste has a long lifespan, much of it can be diverted from landfill(*2). Australia alone produces more than 22 million tonnes of construction waste annually(*3). The bulk of building waste comes from concreting which is part of the reason recycling and repurposing is becoming a standard industry practice(*2,4). Masonry materials such as concrete can be crushed and repurposed into concrete blocks and aggregate and re-used for many years(*3).

Here at Quick Skips, we divert masonry materials away from landfill by recycling and re-purposing this valuable resource.

Would you like more information about crane skips for construction building sites? Contact the Quick Skips team on 0433 958 977.

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  1. John Fenten says:

    Good morning
    I’m looking for a 6 metre skip bin for construction waste at our home in Alexander Heights, 6064, mostly for bricks and old pavers we have taken up.
    I’d need it for about 2 days. Could I please get a quote for this. Thank you.

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