Campbelltown Area Skip Bin Hire Mini 2 Cubic Metre – Costs, Sizes, Uses

Mini Skip Bin Hire Campbelltown Area, Mini Skip bin hire Camden prices, 2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin Hire Perfect for Residential Projects

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Perfect for Residential Projects and Affordable Mini Skip Bins Prices (From $360) Across Campbelltown, Camden, Spring Farm, Elderslie, Mt Annan and surrounding suburbs.

Wondering which mini skip bin to hire in the Campbelltown and Camden areas?

What is the smallest skip bin you can hire in the Campbelltown area and Ingleburn? Locals across Sydney often ask us how much two cubic metres skip bins can hold and how much they cost. For weekend projects and quick spring cleans, you could either make a few trips to the dump or simply have a mini skip bin dropped off for you to use over the next seven days.

• How much can fit into a two cubic metre bin?
• How much do they cost?
• What suburbs in Sydney do Quick Skips, Dial-A-Tip hire to?
• What are the different types of skip bins?
• Everything you ever needed to know about 2m3 is covered here!

When embarking on projects within Campbelltown and Camden or even neighbouring suburbs such as Ingleburn and Minto, it’s natural to question the smallest available skip bin dimensions. This query often emerges from individuals across Sydney who are keen to learn the capacity of two cubic metre skip bins. Whether you find yourself entangled in weekend ventures or simply wish to orchestrate a swift and thorough seasonal cleanout, opt for the hassle-free delivery of a conveniently positioned mini skip bin placed in your driveway or on the street and yours to use in the time allocated.

In a quest to serve as your ultimate partner in waste management tailored for residential use, we proudly showcase an array of mini skip bins, with the cost structure starting as low as  $360. Our operational umbrella extends over the entire greater Sydney metropolitan area, establishing us as the preferred skip bin hire company for those seeking a seamless, economical, and eco-friendly waste disposal service.

We service daily all suburbs in and around the City of Campbelltown and Camden with our skip bins.

• Airds Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Ambarvale Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Bardia Skip Bin Hire 2565
• Blair Athol Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Blairmont Skip Bin Hire 2559
• Bow Bowing Skip Bin Hire 2566
• Bradbury Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Campbelltown Skip Bin 2560
• Claymore Skip Bin Hire 2559
• Denham Court Skip Bin 2565
• Eagle Vale Skip Bin Hire 2558
• Englorie Park Skip Bin 2560

• Eschol Park Skip Bin Hire 2558
• Gilead Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Glen Alpine Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Glenfield Skip Bin Hire 2167
• Ingleburn Skip Bin Hire 2565
• Kearns Skip Bin Hire 2558
• Kentlyn Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Leumeah Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Long Point Skip Bin Hire 2564
• Macquarie Fields SkipHire 2564
• Macquarie Links Skip Hire 2565

• Menangle Park Skip Hire 2563
• Minto Skip Bin Hire 2566
• Minto Heights Skip Hire 2566
• Raby Skip Bin Hire 2566
• Rosemeadow Skip Hire 2560
• Ruse Skip Bin Hire 2560
• St Andrews Skip Bin Hire 2566
• St Helens Park Skip Hire 2560
• Varroville Skip Bin Hire 2566
• Wedderburn Skip Bin Hire 2560
• Woodbine Skip Bin Hire 2560

City of Campbelltown Map and Skip Bin Hire Area Service

What is the average cost of different sized Skip Bin Hire in the Campbelltown and Camden Areas (including Elderslie, Spring Farm and Camden Park)?

We share skip bin hire costs on our automated quote order form payment system here.
Specially developed to make it easier for you to plan ahead, by getting an instant quote online and pay.

• Bin Sizes: 2m3 Gen Waste LIGHT < 600 kg = For Hire $455
• Bin Sizes: 2m3 Gen Waste HEAVY – Unlimited weight = For Hire $455
• Bin Sizes: 2m3 Recycle Brick/Concrete or Clean Fill only< 600 kg = For Hire $360

• Bin Sizes: 3m3 Gen Waste LIGHT< 900 kg = For HIre $550
• Bin Sizes: 3m3 Gen Waste HEAVY – Unlimited weight = For Hire $570
• Bin Sizes: 3m3 Recycle Brick/Concrete OR Clean Fill only = For Hire $460

• Bin Sizes: 4m3 Gen Waste LIGHT <1.2t = For Hire $660
• Bin Sizes: 4m3 Gen Waste HEAVY <1.2t = For Hire $700
• Bin Sizes: 4m3 Recycle Brick/ Concrete OR Clean Fill Only = For Hire $590

• Bin Sizes: 6m3 Gen Waste LIGHT <1.8t = For Hire $910
• Bin Sizes: 6m3 Gen Waste HEAVY – Unlimited weight = For HIre $970
• Bin Sizes: 6m3 Recycle Brick/concrete OR Clean Fill Only = For Hire $750

• Bin Sizes: 10m3 Gen Waste LIGHT <3t = For Hire $1420
• Bin Sizes: 10m3 Gen Waste HEAVY – Max weight 10 tonne<3t = For HIre $1540
• Bin Sizes: 10m3 Recycle Brick/Concrete OR Clean Fill Only = For Hire $1100

Starting an early Spring Clean in Your Home this Weekend? Here is How to Save Time and Money!

Are you planning to kick off your early Spring clean this weekend? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got some fantastic time and money-saving tips that will surely leave you feeling accomplished and your home looking fresh and tidy. Here’s how to make the most out of your weekend clean-up:

  1. Book a Local Charity Pick-up Service: As you go through your belongings and decide what to keep and what to let go of, consider donating any gently used items to a local charity. Instead of making multiple trips to drop off donations, simply schedule a pick-up service. They will come to your home and collect all your donations, making the process quick and easy. It’s a win-win situation, as you declutter your home while contributing to a good cause.
  2. Hire a Mini Skip Bin: To tackle the larger items or general household waste during your Spring clean, consider hiring a mini skip bin. These bins can hold a considerable amount of rubbish, and the best part is that they will be delivered and dropped off in your driveway. By having a skip bin, you can easily toss out unwanted items without worrying about frequent trips to the local council tip. Plus, you get to enjoy the convenience of keeping the skip bin for up to seven days, giving you ample time to finish your cleaning tasks even after the dust has settled.

With these time-saving solutions, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the actual cleaning and organising. A clutter-free and organised home can bring a sense of calm and happiness to your daily life. Additionally, donating to charity and properly disposing of waste shows your commitment to the environment and the community. So, get ready to make your home spotless and rejuvenated this Spring without breaking the bank or spending unnecessary hours on logistics. Happy cleaning!

Mini (2 Cubic Metre) Skip Bins for Weekend Renovations, DIY Projects and Spring Cleans

Mini Skip Bin Hire Campbelltown Area, Camden prices, 2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin Hire Perfect for Residential Projects

Two cubic metre skip bins are small and mighty – and great for weekend projects. They hold the equivalent of around two or three standard trailers (depending on how they are packed).

Can Skip Bins Save You Time?

100% yes. If the tip is 30 min away, you could save yourself a minimum of two hours in travel time alone. Having an extra hour or more to dedicate to finishing off the weekend project will save the project dragging on through the work week or to next weekend. Plus, there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing after a long week (and weekend) knowing everything is done.

How brilliant are these trucks! With the flick of a button, skip bins are dropped off, collected or emptied. See one of the skip bins being dropped off at our Wetherill Park depot in this video.

2m3 Light or Heavy General Waste, Clean Fill Soil or Clean Hard Fill (Concrete)

When you are thinking about what type of skip bin to hire, the size and type of rubbish are the most important considerations. If the skip bin will only be used to dispose of concrete materials like old bricks, tiles, stones and other masonry, you could save money by hiring a clean (hard) fill skip bin. Starting at $360, these are a bargain.

If you suspect you will have a mixture of waste (i.e., what you would put in your general rubbish wheelie bin), a general waste mini skip bin would be best.

We also carry large 20m3 20 Cubic metre hook skip bins

Large Skip Bins Blacktown Area Skip Bin Hire, 20, 23 and 25 cubic metre skip bin hire Quakers Hill, large skip hire near me. Rooty Hill.

Introducing our expansive range of waste disposal solutions, including our impressive 20m3 (20 Cubic Metre) hook skip bins. These generously sized containers are designed to handle substantial amounts of waste, making them perfect for larger projects and substantial cleanouts. Whether you’re tackling a major construction job, a comprehensive renovation, or a thorough decluttering endeavor, our 20m3 hook skip bins have got you covered.

With a capacity of 20 cubic metres, these hook skip bins offer ample space to accommodate significant volumes of debris and waste materials. This means you can efficiently clear out sizeable amounts of clutter in one go, saving you time, effort, and multiple trips to disposal sites.

Our 20m3 hook skip bins are not only spacious but also designed for easy loading. The hook mechanism allows for simple placement and removal, ensuring a hassle-free experience even with their larger size. Our top priority is to provide you with effective waste management solutions that streamline your tasks and contribute to a cleaner environment.

No matter the magnitude of your waste disposal needs, our 20m3 hook skip bins offer a reliable and efficient way to handle substantial loads of waste. Contact us to explore the possibilities and make your waste management process smoother and more convenient than ever before.

30% of Charitable Donations go to Landfill

Mini Skip Bin Hire Campbelltown Area, Camden prices, 2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin Hire Perfect for spring cleans

Did you know that charities easily spend $100,000 on dumping fees each year?(*1)

30% of the items they receive cannot be re-used or re-sold(*2). These are things like broken plates, Tupperware without lids, broken toys, prams and strollers that are illegal to re-sell, and – actual rubbish like kitchen scraps(*3).

Always hire a mini skip bin for rubbish and keep items in working order for donations.

Call Quick Skips (formerly Dial-A-Tip) on 0433 958 977.


*1. Young, G. Charities, Council Wear Costs of Illegal Kerbside Dumping. Brisbane Times. 2015.
*2. NACRO. Fast Facts About Charitable Recycling. 2016.
*3. Charitable Recycling Australia. Donating. N.d.

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