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Size Matters: Why 10m3 Hook Skip Bins are Perfect for Construction Site Rubble

When managing waste on a construction site, the size of the skip bin matters. Different projects require different sizes of skip bins, depending on the amount and type of waste that needs to be disposed of. For construction sites dealing with rubble a 10m3 hook skip bin is the most practical choice. This article will explore why size matters and why 10m3 hook skip bins are perfect for construction site use. Click here to view our main map showing all the areas we service in Sydney.

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City of Canterbury Bankstown includes the following list of suburbs we service;

• Ashbury Skip Bin Hire
• Bankstown Skip Bin Hire
• Bass Hill Skip Bin Hire
• Belfield Skip Bin Hire
• Belmore Skip Bin Hire
• Beverly Hills Skip Bin Hire
• Birrong Skip Bin Hire
• Campsie Skip Bin Hire
• Canterbury Skip Bin Hire
• Chester Hill Skip Bin Hire
• Chullora Skip Bin Hire
• Clemton Park Skip Bin Hire
• Condell Park Skip Bin Hire
• Croydon Park Skip Bin Hire

• Earlwood Skip Bin Hire
• East Hills Skip Bin Hire
• Georges Hall Skip Bin Hire
• Greenacre Skip Bin Hire
• Hurlstone Park Skip Bin Hire
• Kingsgrove Skip Bin Hire
• Lakemba Skip Bin Hire
• Lansdowne Skip Bin Hire
• Leightonfield Skip Bin Hire
• Milperra Skip Bin Hire
• Mount Lewis Skip Bin Hire
• Narwee Skip Bin Hire
• Padstow Skip Bin Hire
• Padstow Heights Skip Bin

• Panania Skip Bin Hire
• Picnic Point Skip Bin Hire
• Potts Hill Skip Bin Hire
• Punchbowl Skip Bin Hire
• Regents Park Skip Bin Hire
• Revesby Skip Bin Hire
• Revesby Heights Skip Bin Hire
• Riverwood Skip Bin Hire
• Roselands Skip Bin Hire
• Sefton Skip Bin Hire
• Undercliffe Skip Bin Hire
• Villawood Skip Bin Hire
• Wiley Park Skip Bin Hire
• Yagoona Skip Bin Hire

City of Canterbury Bankstown map Skip Bins Hired to all these areas by Quick Skips and Dial-A-Tip

Firstly, 10m3 hook skip bins offer a significant capacity for rubble disposal. Construction sites produce large quantities of waste from demolitions or excavations, particularly rubble. Such waste requires a sizeable skip bin, which can hold large volumes of waste without requiring frequent emptying. The 10m3 hook skip bin offers a substantial capacity for rubble disposal, reducing the frequency of skip bin exchange and enhancing the overall waste management efficiency.

Secondly, hook skip bins are easy to load, thanks to their design. Construction workers typically handle large, heavy, and bulky waste materials such as bricks, concrete, and metal, which require more effort to load onto a skip bin. The 10m3 hook skip bin is designed to have a hook lift mechanism, which makes loading and unloading easier from the truck.

Thirdly, skip bins can be placed in tight spaces. Construction sites are often limited in space, and finding the right location for a skip bin can be challenging. The 10m3 hook skip bin’s compact design allows it to be placed in tight spaces, making it a practical choice for construction sites with limited space. Additionally, the hook lift mechanism allows for easy relocation of the skip bin, providing flexibility in skip bin placement.

Finally, 10m3 hook skip bins are cost-effective. Construction sites operate on tight budgets, and waste management can be a significant expense. The 10m3 hook skip bin offers a cost-effective solution for waste disposal, as it reduces the frequency of skip bin exchange and enhances the overall waste management efficiency.

Using Komatsu demolition machine claws to load demolition waste into a 10m3 hook skip bin offers many benefits as you can see in the above video.

Benefits of using komatsu demolition machine with claws to load demolition waste and rubble into a 10m3 hook skip bin

• The Komatsu claws are specifically designed for demolition tasks, ensuring efficient and precise handling of waste without delays or accidents.
• The claws reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by securely gripping heavy and bulky materials, minimizing the need for manual labour and enhancing site safety.
• The use of Komatsu claws can help reduce waste disposal costs by handling materials efficiently, saving time and labour required to load demolition waste into the skip bin. This, in turn, reduces overall waste disposal costs, which are often calculated based on weight and frequency of skip bin exchange.

Size matters when it comes to skip bin selection for construction site waste management. The 10m3 hook skip bin is the perfect choice for construction sites dealing with rubble. Its substantial capacity, ease of loading, compact design, and cost-effectiveness make it a practical solution for construction site waste management. Contact Anthony at Quick Skips (Dial-A-Tip) to learn more about 10m3 hook skip bins and how they can assist your construction site waste management.

10m3 hook skip bin on truck, 10 cubic metre skip

What are the dimensions and tonnage of a ’10m3 hook skip bin dimensions

The dimensions of a typical 10m3 hook skip bin are;
• 3.8 meters in length
• 1.8 meters in width and
• 1.5 meters in height

A 10m3 hook skip bin can carry the equivalent of approximately 40-50 wheelbarrow loads of general waste.

As for the tonnage, it depends on the type of waste being disposed of and the weight restrictions set by the skip bin provider. However, a 10m3 skip bin can typically hold up to 10 tonnes of general waste or 5-6 tonnes of heavier waste such as concrete and bricks.

It’s essential to check the weight restrictions and dimensions with the skip bin provider to ensure that you choose the right bin for your specific needs.

Early stages of demolition, 10m3 hook skip bin dimensions, construction skip bin hire
Early stages of demolition, 10m3 hook skip bin for construction

At Quick Skips (Dial-A-Tip), we offer a wide range of skip bins suitable for all types of construction waste, ensuring that you have the right bin for the job. Our bin hire service covers up to 7 days, with the option of faster changeovers, so you can be confident that your waste will be disposed of quickly and efficiently.

Hiring hook skip bins can bring significant benefits to your construction project, including cost savings, improved safety, and reduced environmental impact. With Quick Skips (Dial-A-Tip), you can enjoy all the benefits of using skip bins without any hassle. Contact Anthony our site manager now on 0433 958 977

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